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about the list

The group mailing list, now hosted by Yahoo Groups, is the primary mechanism used by the committee to inform group members about walks, social events, weekends away, and any last-minute changes. Please note that you won't automatically be added to our mailing list when you join us through the Ramblers' Association. Using the mailing list is completely optional, although we do recommend it. Any members of the Ramblers Association are welcome to join our mailing list, also anyone who's thinking of joining our group and wants to be informed of walks programme updates etc.

how to join the mailing list

The easiest way to do this is to send an email to the special 'subscribe' address for our yahoo group, using one of the following methods.

If you use a web-based email interface, e.g. gmail, yahoo

Send an email to this address: from the email address that you want to subscribe to the mailing list.

If you use a PC-, Mac- or Linux-based email program (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird)

Click on this link which will open your default email program with the 'to' address already filled in. If you have problems doing this, just use the method described above for web-based email.

In either case...

Please include your name in the email, because in many cases it isn't possible to deduce your name from your email address alone, and we can't accept anonymous or unidentifiable subscriptions.

Your subscription to the mailing list will become active when it has been approved by the webmaster, hopefully within a day, so please allow time for this.

If you have problems subscribing, please contact the webmaster (

sending emails to the mailing list

When you have been subscribed to the list, you'll receive an automatically-generated email from the system which tells you how to send emails to the list. This information is also repeated in the footer of all emails you receive from the system.

receiving emails

Emails from the mailing list will have the 'Sender' field set to, so you may need to to check your email 'spam' folder for these emails: if they are being moved there by your email anti-spam software, then adding that email address to your email address book may help to prevent that happening.

how to remove your address from the mailing list

Just use this link which will enable you to to send an email to the Yahoo group system, requesting that your address be removed. Alternatively, you can use the 'Unsubscribe' link that appears in the bottom right-hand side of all list emails.

changing your email address

If you'd like to use a different email address, just unsubscribe your old address using this link and then subscribe your new address using the instructions above for joining.

If you have any problems with, or queries about, the mailing list, please contact the webmaster.

guidelines for using the mailing list

You can only send emails to, or receive emails from, the mailing list if you are subscribed to it. Once your subscription has been approved, you can send emails to the group by using the 'start a new topic' link, which appears at the end of any emails you receive from it, or by using the address provided in your joining email.

Please use the mailing list for ...

Please don't use the mailing list for ...

General guidelines