Discounts for RA members

Retailer discounts

Once you've joined the Ramblers' Association and received your membership card, you can obtain a range of discounts off full-priced items on production of a valid membership card at a selection of retailers, including:

HF Holidays

The Ramblers' Association has also arranged for members to obtain exclusive rates on holidays booked through HF Holidays, if you mention that you are a Ramblers' Association member when you make a booking (have your membership card to hand, as they will ask for some membership details). HF Holidays will also make a contribution to RA central funds for each holiday booked.

Schemes which provide our group with financial assistance

A scheme which earns our group a contribution to its running costs has recently been arranged with Ramblers Holidays, as part of their scheme The Walking Partnership. They will contribute between £10 and £30 to our group funds per member booked, depending on your destination.

Please nominate our group, the Oxon Weekend Walkers, for Walking Partnership benefits, if you book your holiday through Ramblers Holidays.

Lists of walk routes and suggested starting points

The following links are offered as useful resources for walking, although of course we can't accept responsibility for the contents of non-RA web sites.

Links to other walking group sites in the area:

Other Weekend Walkers type groups:

UK sunrise and sunset times

This site enables you to look up the sunrise and sunset times for any day of the year - could be useful if you're leading a long walk, especially in the winter.

Converting Grid References to Post Codes, and Vice Versa:

A useful web site for converting OS grid references to nearest (approximate) post codes is the following: - Location Searches

For example, enter a grid reference in the form and click the 'Go' button. This gives you a results page, in which there are links to various internet-based maps as well as a link labelled 'Lookup Nearest Postcode' which will give an estimate (if available) of the nearest post code to that grid reference. The original grid reference, may, of course, be some distance from civilisation and hence from a usable post code!