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leading a walk

If you've ever thought about leading a walk but were unsure what's involved or worried your map reading skills are not up to it then help is at hand.

Any of the committee members or walk leaders will be able to assist you personally or put you in touch with someone who can. This can be for planning the route, map reading, use of a compass, recce'ing the route or help on the day of the walk. If you are still nervous about the thought of leading on your own then you can "buddy up"with a friend or an experienced walk leader.

With more walk leaders we can offer more choice of walks, more Sundays with a choice of two walks, more Saturday walks, more weekday evening walks.

So why not give it a go !

The notes below give you some guidance on what you'll need to think about and do but if you have any questions on submitting a walk please contact the Programme Secretary

Plan and recce the walk

Submit Your Walk

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On the day of the walk

At the start of the walk

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During the walk

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At the end