If you have any pictures of walks, social events or weekends away you'd like to submit please send them to the webmaster.

If you have problems emailing your photos, e.g. because of their total size, one alternative is to use a free DropBox or flickr account to upload your image files to the Internet, and then just email the account website address to the webmaster.

Photos added to the gallery will usually be down-sized (if necessary) to a maximum dimension of 640 pixels, to save space on our web server and maintain reasonable response times. GPS maps will be downsized to either 800 or 960 pixels, depending on the amount of detail and size of text labels.

Please click on the image below to be taken to the group gallery.

link to the gallery page

The Group policy is to include on the site photos taken at any of our events, providing we don't think they would be of issue to anyone in the pictures. However, if you are in one and feel uncomfortable about being featured on the site, then just drop us a note via this link and we'll rectify the situation.