about the group

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about our group. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for then please contact the Membership Secretary.

Click here to see our new documentary video "Out and about with the Oxon Weekend Walkers".

We have recently produced a publicity flyer for the group, copies of which will be distributed by the committee in sports shops, local businesses and libraries. If you are interested in seeing a copy, you can download the Adobe Acrobat source file, containing three copies of the flyer on an A4 page, using this link (2.4 MB file).

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Do I need to be a member of the Ramblers?

Yes, but not immediately. Most people come on two or three walks before joining the group officially so there is no problem your coming on a walk to try the group out and we'd be happy to see you there. If you decide you wish to continue walking with the group after this though you must join - see this page.

What age range does your group cover ?

We are primarily a group for walkers of working age who are outside the 20s & 30s age range (for which there is a specific group - see the Oxon 20s & 30s Walkers). Typically, this means that most members fall into the 40s & 50s age bracket, although of course all members of the Ramblers (and others exploring whether the Ramblers is for them) are welcome to walk with us.

Can I bring my dog on a walk ?

Yes, normally, but it is worth checking with the walk leader in case there may be a restriction on dogs (particularly during lambing season) or obstacles on the route.

Dogs must be properly controlled at all times, on a lead whenever there is livestock around and are wholly your responsibility. Please don't forget to bring extra drinking water for your dog too, especially in hot weather.

Is there a mailing list for the group ?

There is an email-based mailing list that is used to keep members, and aspiring members, informed about changes or additions to the walks programme and other group events. Please see this page on our website for information about the mailing list and how to subscribe to it.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, we have set up a Facebook group here.

Do I need to do anything before coming on my first walk ?

No, but you might wish to contact the walk leader first so they know to look out for you, all contact names & telephone numbers are on the walks calendar.

I don't have a car, can I get a lift to the start of a walk ?

Whilst we strongly encourage car sharing wherever possible it is not practical for walk leaders or the committee to secure lifts for those without cars.

If you have subscribed to our mailing list, you could try sending an email to the list asking if anyone can provide a lift for you. If you do this, please try to send your email a few days before the walk, to allow time for list members to read their email and decide whether they can offer you a lift.

If at all possible try to make a walk that can be reached by public transport or bicycle and chat to a few people to see if anyone is, or knows someone, from your area so might be willing to offer a lift to you in future.

What sort of clothing should I wear and what sort of kit do I need for the walks ?

Dress for the conditions and decorative image remember weather can change quickly. We would recommend good comfortable walking boots, walking trousers and, depending on the season, waterproof jacket and over trousers, warm clothing with plenty of layers (fleece and base layer shirt), gloves and a hat. Jeans are not a good idea as once wet they become pretty cold and uncomfortable.

Don't forget your packed lunch, water (plus a hot flask in winter), some plasters for cuts & blisters and a daysack to carry it all in. Getting kitted out need not cost a fortune. The Ramblers have arranged discounts with many outdoors shops for its members including Blacks, Millets and Cotswold Outdoor: see our links page.

Are the walks only within Oxfordshire ?

No. Whilst we are an Oxfordshire based group we frequently stray into the neighbouring counties especially with the vast swathes of Cotswolds and Chilterns on our doorstep.

Do I need to be very fit?

No. Walks range from easy 4 mile strolls through to more testing 26 mile hikes. Check the walk description to help you to decide.

Do I need to be able to read a map?

No. Each walk is led by a walk leader who will guide you along the route. If you would like to learn about map reading and navigation talk to your walk leader who can point you at someone who can "buddy" with you to learn the skills so you can be ready to lead a walk yourself.